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“In a time in which the average person is coping with this pandemic, while trying to manage their mental health. Trap Therapy is exactly what we need. Trap Therapy meets the people where they are at, in the community. Tarsha does an amazing job of speaking to complex mental health topics and simplifying these topics in a way in which her audience can understand. Trap Therapy is vibrant, interactive, and fun. Music is known to improve mental health, boost the immune system and promote self-esteem and confidence. I love the way the music and songs are incorporated. The environment is positive and uplifting. What a great way to normalize mental health. Trap Therapy is necessary, and the structure speaks to the culture. "

– Jerrae Govani

Mrs. Jerrae Govani

Mental Health Professional

Thanks to Speak Wellness for introducing an exciting new way for me to get in touch with my emotions. I did not know what to expect when I attended Speak Wellness Trap Therapy events, but I was shocked to hear the DJ playing good urban music and to see how the therapist used the music to discuss everyday situations that people face. The Trap Therapy events got me to thinking about getting back into therapy. I can’t wait to attend more Trap Therapy events with Speak Wellness!

-Darlean Foster, MS

“It is so great to see how the community responds to Trap Therapy by Tarsha!  People needed a outlet to release and get some answers and the Trap Therapy session provide the space and opportunity”. It’s about the growth and healing”.  

-Diana Williams 

Beyond 4 Walls

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